Horizontal Stand Up Pouch Packing Machine JWPACK DXD-180D
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28 Oct 2020
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Specification of Horizontal Stand Up Pouch Packing Machine JWPACK DXD-180D

Selling Pouch Packing Machine

 Stand Up Pouch Horizontal Pouch Packing Machine DXD-180D with high technical and stable performance. This machine is capable of completing a series of automatic packaging processes for filling, measuring, packing, date printing, filling (dumping) and product output.

The roll of film is issued by the motor, then the pouch making tool will form the pouch. The sealing block covers the bottom and sides of the film. Scissors cut the sealed film into pockets. Once filled, the top of the bag will be sealed. With this capability, the materials that can be packaged by this machine vary.

Main Technical Parameters:

Capacity: ≤65 bags / minute (Single Bag), ≤130 bags / minute (Double Bag).

Applicable Bag Size: Single Bag: 60 * 100mm (Minimum), 180 * 220mm (Maximum)

Double Bags: (60 + 60) * 100mm (Minimum), (90 + 90) * 160mm (Maximum).

Packing Volume: 400ml (Single Bag), 100ml (Double Bag).

Filling Precision: ± 1%.

Film roll inner diameter: Φ70-80mm.

Film Roll External Diameter: Φ500mm.

Power Source: Three Phase, AC380V, 50HZ.

Power: 4.5KW. External Dimension: 3260 × 1000 × 1550mm (Dust Pipe + 60) (L * W * H).

Weight: 1450KG

Assistive equipment recommended for you:

Vacuum feed conveyor. Vacuum feeding conveyor is used for material feeding. This material feeding device uses a pneumatic vacuum pump as the vacuum source.

With this vacuum feeding machine, materials can be fed directly from the container into mixers, reactors, hoppers, packing machines, vibrating pans, pellet trimming machines, hydro-state pellers, dry state pellers and disintegrators. Using this feeder can directly lighten the labor intensity, stop powder pollution, and ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements. For vacuum feeder with material level control, automatic feeding is realized by hopper of material receiving machine through material level control.

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