Packing Machine Chemical Rotary Premade Pouch JWPACK GD6-200
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02 Nov 2020
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Specification of Packing Machine Chemical Rotary Premade Pouch JWPACK GD6-200

Sell ​​Chemical Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine JWPACK GD6-200

 GD6-200 Chemical Premade Rotary Bag Packing Machine is made by automatic packaging machine and filling system. It has a wide application range and can package liquid, powder, granular and solid products by changing to different dosing systems. The machine can change different packing volumes in a short time.

The automatic pouch feeding width can be adjusted by the handle. Machine with check device to ensure there is no fill and seal if bag is not opened successfully. This will save pockets and product. Cam transmission uses 45 # forged material, heat treatment hardness ≥ HR50. The shaft is 45 # grinding shaft, smooth surface with long service life.

High strength welded transmission rod.

Bag feeding, opening, sealing using SUS304 material. Electric wardrobe using SUS304, thickness 2mm, waterproof type; can be cleaned with water, can pack liquids and granules using different dosing devices. The machine has a weighing sensor which makes filling accurate.


For automatic finished product conveyor for packaging machine / conveyor belt production line. The bucket conveyor machine can deliver the finished, packed bags to the check machine and packaging platform. The bucket conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel and plastic (PP).


1. Adopt final model motor and equipped with low noise, long life.

2. Can transport the finished product to the platform, reducing waste during processing.

3. Get rid of the finished product on time, so that the packing machine works more smoothly.

4. Low cost and large carrying capacity, speed adjustable. Easy operation and maintenance. Belt length and width can be adjusted.

Main Technical Parameters of the conveyor:

Motor Frequency: 0.55KW

External Dimension: 1600 * 350 * 600mm (L * W * H)

Conveyor Height: 600mm

Voltage: Three phase 380V

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