Packing Machine Big Horizontal Pouch JWPACK DXD-130D
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28 Oct 2020
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Specification of Packing Machine Big Horizontal Pouch JWPACK DXD-130D

Pouch Packing Machine Distributor

 The DXD-130D Large Horizontal Bag Packing Machine impresses greatly with its extremely high performance in processing side-sealed bags. What makes this machine so special is its flexibility in terms of possible uses. Like all JW bag packaging machines, this one is very economical and comes with valuable technology.

This machine contains motor film removing, film forming, bottom sealing, vertical sealing, cutting, filling, bag moving and top sealing. Cams on the main shaft complete a coordinated action driven by the motor and encoder on the main shaft providing single position feedback.

Main Technical Parameters:

Production capacity: 60 bags / minute

Applicable Bag Size: W: 70-130mm, H: 80-180mm

Packing Volume: 200ml

Filling Precision: ± 1%.

Film roll inner diameter: Φ70-80mm

Film Roll External Diameter: Φ500mm

Power Source: Three Phase, AC380V, 50HZ

Power: 4.5KW

External Dimensions: 2580 × 945 × 1550mm (L * W * H)

Weight: 1350KG

After the bag filling procedure, usually you can choose the conveyor belt and stainless steel packing platform, do the carton packing manually. In order to increase the efficiency of the carton packaging procedure and the accuracy of bag number calculations, we highly recommend the TQS-B Pouch Conveying System for you.

First of all, it can match the packing machine perfectly. The system includes a mechanical sleeve, a strong absorption vacuum plate and a belt conveyor.

Second, this system is made with bag picking, automatic counting system and carton packing conveyor. It has automatic counting function, according to the setting value, the conveyor will divide each patch, this will solve the problem of inaccurate counting by the operator, better quality control.

We sell cheap filling machines in Jakarta.

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