FIlling Machine PET Gravity JWPACK CDP-16AS
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28 Oct 2020
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Specification of FIlling Machine PET Gravity JWPACK CDP-16AS

Sell ​​JWPACK CDP-16AS PET Gravity PET Filming Machine

 The CDP-16AS Intellectual Gravity Filling Machine is suitable for packing EC, SC materials with good fluidity into PET bottles. It uses a vertical structure with a constant liquid level and time that realizes precise filling. It is controlled by PLC, human interface and easy operation. This machine is equipped with an electric balance feedback system which makes volume adjustment easier.

Linear gravity filling machine is widely used to fill products with very low viscosity products, the filling range of 80ml-1000ml round, flat and square bottles. The number of filler heads can be designed up to 8/12/16/20 according to customers' different filling needs.

Applicable bottle diameter is from 35-95mm, bottle height from 80-230mm, standard 12 head filling machine can fill 2000 bottles / hour to fill 1000ml with 3g filling accuracy.

Machine Configuration:

1. Touch Screen: France Schneider

2. PLC: France Schneider

3. Frequency Inverters: France Schneider

4. Servo system: France Schneider

5. Sensor: Pain

6. Proximity Switch: Leuze

7.Power Switch: France Schneider

8. Pressure Switch: SMC

9. Cylinders: Airtac

10. Solenoid Valve: F.Tec

11. Buttons: France Schneider

12. Alarm lamp: France Schneider

13. Circuit Breaker

France Schneider Key Features:

1. Filling Volume: 80ml-1000ml round, flat and square bottles.

2. Capacity: 1500-4000 BPH for filling 1000ml with different number of filler heads.

3.Automatic product level floating ball is installed in the tank to feed the product.

4. No bottle, no fill sensor.

5. The diver nozzle is controlled by a servo motor for bottom-up filling.

6. Neck brace for containers with small openings.

7. An electric scale can be added as an optional function to connect with the PLC which makes volume adjustment easier.

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