Cooking Oil Weighing Filler Machine JWPACK CZ-6B
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02 Nov 2020
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Specification of Cooking Oil Weighing Filler Machine JWPACK CZ-6B

Sell ​​Cooking Oil Weighing Filler Machine JWPACK CZ-6B

 The CZ-6B Scale Fixed Quantity Filling Machine consists of a scale (with rollers), chain driven drum entry and exit structure, fast and slow filling (with dive function), material tank, weight gauge and PLC control unit. This filling machine can perform automatic filling of various materials (with or without foam). The principle of filling is weight.

Adopting the balance filling system (American METTLER TOLEDO scale sensor and control meter) ensures high filling precision. The unique ball-to-go drum conveying method ensures smooth drum-out transport after filling. The machine uses fast & slow filling valve, the dive filling head is carried out under level filling which can avoid foaming problem when filling.

Under the fill nozzle is a removable liquid tray. The liquid tray will collect droplets to prevent pollution to the bottles after filling. Intellectual system (empty drum inspection, no bottle without filling, no drum crash design) French Schneider Control System, stable, safe, green central control system and low energy consumption.

Machine Configuration:

1. Touch Screen: France Schneider

2. PLC: France Schneider

3. Frequency Inverters: France Schneider

4. Sensor: Pain

5. Proximity Switch: Leuze

6.Power Switch: France Schneider

7. Pressure Switch: SMC

8. Cylinders: Airtac

9. Solenoid Valve: F.Tec

10. Buttons: France Schneider

11. Alarm lamp: France Schneider

12. Circuit Breaker: French Schneider Key


1. Filling Volume: 5L-30L flat and square bottles.

2. Capacity: 400 BPH for 5L filling with 6 filler heads.

3.Automatic product level floating ball is installed in the tank for product filling.

4. No bottle, no fill sensor.

5. The dive nozzle is controlled by a motor for the bottom-up filling machine.

6. Neck brace for containers with small openings.

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